How to become a Sub-Distributor to the big consumer brands

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Find out what it takes to start your journey to being a Distributor for major consumer brands.


2 reviews for How to become a Sub-Distributor to the big consumer brands

  1. Tunde A (verified owner)

    Tosan Alimi has done great justice at dissecting the complexities involved in the value chain aspect of distributive trade with this highly seminal book.

    I have read this book about three times and each time a new wave of innovative idea comes to me like a “Eureka Moment”. In addition to this, she has also made it very simple to read, navigate through and cross reference. I hope she will find time out of her busy schedule to facilitate seminars and workshops to create more awareness about the book.

    Personally, I will recommend “How to become Sub-Distributor To The Big Consumer Brands” three categories of people 1) Those interested in starting a successful business in distributive trade 2) People who are already in the business and want to expand their scope of operations in a profitable and sustainable manner 3)Every Nigerian!….Yes every Nigerian and there are about 200m of us the last time I checked!

    On a more serious note, Kudos Tosan for a job well done and for sharing your success story with us. Finally, please endeavor to print hard copies so we can add to our collection of other seminal books!

  2. Dorcas Ediare (verified owner)

    The book- How To become a sub distributor to the big brand is indeed a great book of immense value.
    It’s a great business idea for someone looking for an opportunity of self employment.
    The choice of words are very simple to understand and it makes reading it seamless.
    It is self explanatory, I almost didn’t have to ask any question as regards sub distribution after reading it.

    It has enlighten me to know that aside from making profits in the business, I can also get bonuses, incentive & return on my investment. This really is fascinating for me.
    Going into the business of sub distribution is made easy for me as I know the skills expected of me and the type of relationship I am to manage.

    I look forward to getting other books by Tosan Alimi. I didn’t regret buying this book, and making out time out of my busy schedule has been worth the while.
    Thanks so much for sharing from your wealth of knowledge.
    God bless you

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