5 not-so-popular qualities of Leaders (Book review)



As the name implies, the book is about 21 very important qualities leaders should possess or strive to possess. Each quality is explained under 4 different sections. A story explaining the quality as a moral to attain, a brief discussion on the quality isolated from the story, a short section adapting this quality to the reader as a leader in need of the character and lastly a small take away to work on to either develop or improve the quality being discussed.


Each quality is title of each chapter where they are dissected. Fortunately each chapter is short, hence the book can easily be run through faster than 21days but the author advises against such approach but suggests a more methodological and strategically, i might add, more reflective approach to the book. As I found out that even though, some qualities are not new or I already possess some, there’s still a good number that we need to either improve upon or develop as all of them work together to improve the kind of leader I become. Here are some of the not so popular ones I identified;

Generosity: I never figured that giving was essential to leadership but understanding that greed and leadership were huge contrasts helped put this in perspective. Giving also doesn’t always have to be money, it could be time, compliments, mentorship or even referrals.

Relationships: My husband has always quoted John C. Maxwell – “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”, well I never really understood it until I read about relationships as a quality to lookout for in leaders.

I was intrigued by the take-away activity which taught on how to assess your relationships as a leader.

red leader

Teachability: A leader never stops learning. This is huge because to be teachable we have to admit that we do not know everything and this can sometimes look bad but we have to crush our pride and I-have-arrived mentality to remain a relevant leader.

As long as you are green, you are growing; As soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot – Ray Kroc


Servanthood: This does not apply only in spiritual parlance but everywhere leadership is found. Being a servant leader is not about position but about the attitude displayed in leading. Usually at the heart of it all, a servant leader is a secure one. One who is not only about the perks and power that comes with being a leader but one who is secure enough to give power to others.

“The law of empowerment says that only secure leaders give power to others.”


Self-discipline: As a leader, the first follower is one’s self. If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot lead others. The key to developing self-discipline is to challenge and eliminate all your excuses, follow your priorities and strive to maintain this new-found discipline.

Tosan’s take: I argued with some of the qualities when I first heard it at a training, but after reading this book and taking an isolated view on some of the qualities; I have learned that leaders have to constantly evolve, check and recheck themselves to make sure they can indeed influence and impact others positively and productively.

Women: made for more than the ‘other’ room

I came across this book when I was on maternity leave with my first child, wondering if the workplace would still need me when I get back or if it was worth it to leave my bundle of joy for the hustle of work. It’s been 4 years since then and I am still growing strong in the workplace which may not have happened if I hadn’t read this book. It is for women who want to make impact and men who want to support that vision – Tosan A.



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What I ‘saw’ in the match between Barca and PSG


A lot of us watched the match and most of us saw Barca do what they know how to do best. Someone saw something else which we can all take a cue from… You should read this whether you agree with the scores, the referee’s position or not – Tosan A.


What I learnt from Barca’ s comeback. There’s a lot to learn from Barca’s historic comeback. Trailing 4-0 from the first leg, they needed to score at least 5 to go through. In the course of the game the opposition got 1 goal to worsen Barca’s situation. The score was now 5-3 on aggregate. Barca […]

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Creating your Life purpose statement

Being clear about why you were created and where you are headed would really help you stay focused in a world where there are lots of opportunities and options available to either pull or push you. Your purpose serves as your road map through life – Tosan A.

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How to move from Point A to Point B.

We are always looking for complex answers to our desire to change or achieve better results, maybe because we feel our needs are either complex or we just want to have access to the excuse that it was too complex that was why we could not achieve the desired changes. The latter may be why when we see simple answers, we are upset that the answers undermine our problems. Jack‘s recommended success principles are so simple that we could choose to either ignore them or just get into it right away – Tosan A.

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What do you have in your house?

As the economic recession deepens, a lot has been said about the need for multiple streams of income. The real question for some is what skills do I need to create these extra streams? This book helps you rephrase the question to one that helps you to be a great part of the solution – What do you have in your house? – Tosan A. Continue reading “What do you have in your house?”



I was on my way to a business transformation program as part of the many steps I have to take towards making the vision for my company a reality when I met this book. 2 words jumped out at me – Vision and Excellence. Not for the timid! – Tosan A.
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