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Stop learning from your own experience!

Fresh out the university after my Masters, I was called upon to manage a business. A business I had no idea about. Yes, I knew Milo and other Nestle products and even the popular jingles but not deep enough to understand the business side of it, not to talk of becoming a distributor.

Well, I was told the training I had from selling in my mother’s small store as a child was an advantage 😁, and also I was up for the challenge, so I opted in.

That’s how I started as the MD of RSL International Limited, that was 7 years ago.


We had to learn from our own experience. We had to learn from our own mistakes which were most times costly. We had to build our business from scratch whilst competing with business that were up 20 years old! It was tough! No need to mince words.

Life would have been a lot easier if we just had someone to show us the ropes; very unlikely because it was a very competitive space. What if? Just what if there was a book from an unbiased source – not the vendor, which would guide us on what we were expect, how soon we would break even, how to manage common challenges in the business without having to lose so much in the process?

This right here, is why I wrote the book.

How to become a Distributor to the big consumer brands.

Trust me, we would have gladly paid up to N500,000 just to avert some of the losses we made from learning through our own experience because that amount is really just a teeny weeny fraction of our investment in the business.

I believe that someone out there needs this book. Help share this so it gets to the right people. Luckily, the book doesn’t cost anywhere near that range 😁.

To preorder a copy of my ebook and save 30%, kindly click on link below.

You will receive your copy on the 1st of October, 2019.


Tosan Alimi