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How to read more.

I have never being a fan of “how-to” books; Like seriously, who writes a book to help you ‘read more’ in almost 200 pages. That’s like pushing your luck. Well Martin Udogie got really lucky with this one, not only was I able to get the cookie out of the book but I did it in hours not days or weeks Tosan A.



I can confidently say this is a collection of short witty stories and a few tips on how to read more (notice the order). The book is a deliberate attempt to encourage new readers to delve in to the world of reading and feel like a pro at it. He creates the perfect ambiance for the intending reader to gain confidence and speed whilst developing sustainable reading habits.

The book reminds us of the benefits of reading such as increased knowledge, confidence and great communication skills; which are very useful in our career and business spheres.

The book is also torn between two groups – readers and writers. A fair amount on the book focuses on type of books that will help a new reader fall in love with reading switching focus to writers. Emphasis on the font type and style, writing style and even the paper used in publishing.

Writers admit to gaining more from being readers first since reading improves their writing, making them better writers. The author was very focused on providing an easy read for the reader making it somewhat – a ‘how to write a book that’s easy to read!’

Reading books is hard, but the secret is to make it a habit. once you do that, it becomes easier and enjoyable. And all it takes sometimes is just one book – Martin Udogie 

I believe he spent so much time trying to make this book that one book that would change your mind about reading – Tosan A . 


For readers:

  • Like Nike – just do it! We know we should be reading (like exercise) but end up putting it at the back burner, may be we should stop over-thinking it.
  • Choose your books carefully so you don’t sabotage your reading efforts. Read books that use a lot of stories to buttress points. Novels (or something different) are  advised for busy people to de-stress but still read. Be aware of your reading patterns and your concentration span. Take note of books you enjoy, reading postures, reading atmosphere (e.g with or without music).

I read books that come highly recommended but appreciate if the recommendation comes with a few reasons why I should read the book. And of course the person doing the recommendation – Martin Udogie

This just validates the vision of tosansreviews – Tosan A.

  • Introduction to the concept of effective hours: We all have 24 hours in a day, but how many of those hours are effective? see my split below. How many interests vie for the available effective hours? Decide how to spend your effective hours with what you consider priority – reading included.

For writers:

  • Apply simple language to writing.
  • Use lots of stories – which he religiously did (a little too much maybe) .
  • Ensure that all parts of the book (font, page colour, layout etc) sync to provide the best reading experience for the reader.

How did I get back to reading? – Tosan’s thoughts

I have always enjoyed reading since I was a kid (with the Enid Blyton series, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Hardley Chase and others) but like many others, I lost the zeal and speed as I ‘grew up’ (more like ‘got serious’), I still read but it dragged and I wasn’t consistent except for occasional weekend binge.

Till one day i charted my 24 hours time spend, and it became clear why I always felt there was not enough time to read during the week – Remember effective hours?

Things had to change. I had read about the 15mins-a-day challenge somewhere (maybe with respect to fitness) so i decided to adapt it to my reading. That did not amount to much initially until i finished a business book in just a month (Blue Ocean Strategy, 240 pages, I am usually slower with those). I felt so happy, you know how those small victories empower you! besides I was one book ahead of hubby who dropped along  the way.

That’s how I started reading consistently. I have since stepped up the minutes but you know where I end up on a bad day – 15mins (back where it all began)

Tosan’s take: Take the challenge of reading this book in hours (I read it in 3.57 hours in 2 days, and yes I tracked it!) to learn your reading styles and new tips at improving your reading. You are also sure to understand more than a few things about writing a best seller.

Feel free to share more tips for staying consistent with reading.

17 thoughts on “How to read more.

  1. Thanks for dis great idea.Many love to read but get overwhelmed by so many things,but I find dis 15mins idea a major breakthrough. We learn speaking by speaking; surely we can learn how to read more by reading -just 15mins for a start. Great idea!

  2. I need to get back to my hat days of reading. Finishing a book in 2-3days or mostly a week depending on the type. I have to adopt the 15minutes since I fell off the hour read a day. Thanks for this article.

    1. Thanks for sharing @fitbuddies. It helps to know the first step in retracing our reading steps and since we’ve been there we know that we will get back to finishing books in hours soon enough.

  3. I used to read a lot too–about 4-5 books per month. Then life happened, and I was barely finishing one book per month. I found recently found an easy way to read more books now (audiobooks to the rescue). With audiobooks, I can read while community, exercising, or doing any chore that doesn’t require mental attention.

  4. It’s really a nice concept.
    I have shared the link and also hope more people would get used to reading for at least 15 minutes a day which would certainly improve with time.

  5. Miss Tosan!
    I have enjoyed it. Well done lil Sis. I love your drive and determination. I will adopt the 15min challenge and update you. I have shared the link. Keep Soaring!

  6. I mostly read for the sake of passing exams but after reading this post, i think I’ll try starting with 10mins a day 🤓. Do you have any suggestions as to which book I can start with.

  7. I mostly read for the sake of passing exams but after reading this post, i think I’ll try starting with 10mins a day 🤓. Do you have any suggestions as to which book I can start with.

    1. 😊 So true. A lot of us did so we just associate it with passing exams and since there are no exams to write, it became unnecessary. There’s still a lot of knowledge to grab so we have to pick it up again. On your book suggestion, better to start with a book you remember enjoying back then then you start testing the waters till you find your preferred choice. All the best.

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